El Cap Report 10/03/07

ElCap Report 10/3/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo.. Another killer day here but a tad windy...lots of things happening on the Cap. So plop down, get a cold whatever it is that you have cold, and turn off that stupid show that is on the EBT (electron bombardment tube) and pay attention because I am only going to write this once and I may just delete it in an hour... as you know I am totally unpredictable! So here it comes to you directly from the three guys who bailed from Dolt tower today...2nd day in a row for teams of 3 to do this trick! Today’s ECR...

 Zodiac: Got there this morning as Andy was leading the center pitch of the white circle in really pretty morning cross light. The lad seems to be having a blast on this route, far below his standard but those kind are sometimes the most fun. The Girls are still doing most of the dirty work and the party is running like a well oiled machine. Karen just glides up the rope when it is her turn to climb... they are all having a great time in spectacular conditions.


. El Nino: Saw Stanley and Martina working the difficult section on the traverse to the Black Dihedral... got some nice shots of the difficult climbing ... they worked it hard and had some success too.


NA Wall: The Timmy O show is still plowing the route under... they were in the vicinity of S and M for part of the day and I got some shots with all six people in the same frame... must be fun up there with so many friends so close by.


PO WALL: I did catch a glimpse of some bags and climbers around the end of pitch 3 today ... will start looking more closely tomorrow.


Mescalito: Mutt and Jeff made the Bismarck ledge early this afternoon and Mutt (TC) lead the infamous Bismarck pitch very nicely. I did get some shots of it even though it was by then in deep shade. You know, I am more impressed with these two women with each passing day. They just get up on the pitches and get the job done without any fuss and I think both will come down having improved their skills and having had a great adventure whose memory will last a lifetime. I wish I could be there with them. Well I suppose I am with them but from a distance. Tommy Thompson has started on the route solo. I shot him 10 years ago on his solo of the PO and am looking forward to shooting him again on this one. He has been away for a while so this will be more of an adventure that it might have been.


New Dawn: SAR Charley and a buddy are fixing on this route over the next day or so in the company of another team going in a similar direction to start..


Nose: The 2 Croatian women on the nose (people in the know say they are Croatians) climbed the great roof and are now sitting at camp 5 relaxing in the warm afternoon sun. The girls have picked up the pace as they have gained more experience on the big stone and are most likely enjoying the scene way up there. Off tomorrow? A team of three climbed from ECT, past the KS, and into the gray bands this afternoon.. not the fastest but learning the ropes it seems.


Salathe: Did see a couple of random parties on the FB and one lurking around Lung ledge late in the day... A team of young turks did Free rider in less than a day... Justin, supported by Alex, of recent solo exploits.


Lurking Fear... did hear a radio transmission by S. Schneider as he was nearing thanksgiving ledge on this well travelled trade route...


In other news... very quiet here at the bridge today as Corbin, Mara, Brian, Anna, and later Cedar and the Huber Bros with Max hung out with various others wandering past including Batgirl and PTPP. Winky came by with his new I phone to make the rest of us feel behind the curve a little further. Ammon drifted in late lamenting his partnerless condition for his chosen death route, speed climb... I wonder why no volunteers?? Food was provided by Henry and beer by Brian and Mara. Wonderful day here with interesting climbing unfolding every few minutes. Tomorrow Alex and Thomas will make a run at the Nose record starting at 7am. I will try to be there but I hate getting up early and breaking my slovenly routine of sleeping late and breakfast in the Cafe from 8 to 9:30...we all are hoping for a safe and successful climb... the route is fairly open so the passing of other parties should be possible with minimal difficulty. Word on the street is that one of the current record holders is in Italy jonesin for some news of the climbing action on HIS ROUTE..

. Well that seems to be what is up here on this 3rd day of October 2007 another day to cherish the memory of...

signing off ECP's Tom Evans