El Cap Report 10/02/07

ElCap Report 10/2/07

 By Tom Evans

Yeah... Remember how I waxed poetically about the weather the other day? Today was even better... really! So you are so missing out that it should just make you sick! Anyway... sorry but I have to go in a few so this will be mercifully short... Today’s report...

Zodiac: Andy and the girls have make it to the ledge at the bottom of the circle with Andy on the sharp end and the ladies doing the nasty hauling and moving the logistical swarm upward.. three cheers for the ladies! The rest of the route is vacant.


El Nino: Saw Stanley and Martina meet up with the Timmy O show on the pitch above easy street. This talented pair should have fun on this great route.

NA Wall: The Timmy O show plowed up a few more pitches with the man himself out on the sharp end looking like days of old. DT and the Surfers were doing the hard work of movin the beast forward.


PO Wall: International Hero climbers Anker and Hahn who have garnered much time in the thin air are here to do this Bridwell classic. They are psyched to be on a warm climb and also in the company of the Famous Ivo... you remember ...he is the man who recently, in a bold solo ascent stitched 13 routes together to make the "Ivo Super Direct South East Face to The Diving Board Route". This historic link up ended right at the fore mentioned Diving Board. Rumor has it that the talented Jimmy Chin will be along too.. should be fun to watch!


Mescalito: Yeah, well the girls are on cruise control and could hit the bottom of the Bismarck ramp if they hustle... they appear to be having Zero problems and are doing it right up there...


NEAR Mescalito: Seems this is a cross roads for a couple of other routes and a few others have their sights set on starting here... mmmmm .... we will have to pay attention now won't we kiddies?! Should be some interesting stories coming out of this convergence.


Nose: A fast NIAD team was looking strong today ... as I left they were above camp 5.... dinner at the lodge boys, dinner at the lodge!! The Woman’s team climbed to camp 4 today.. these ladies know how to dress for the Captain... take heed folks... I will get a shot or two posted soon. The three man team came down from Dolt in good order today.. maybe a little too much logistics. Did see a team in the stovelegs climbing to Dolt later. Salathe: Had the pleasure of shooting a team climbing the pitch above the ear today in beautiful morning light with crystal clear air... nice guys!!


In other news... did talk to TT who reported he talked to the Jolly Roger team who were duly impressed with it... good job guys. Trip report? Beautiful day here.. so much so that I took part of the afternoon off to sit with the new Yosemite Climbers Artist symposium... nice stuff lads. Huber’s are not going to try the record tomorrow but the next day... starts at 7am folks be there to cheer the men on. Well I have to depart... so ....

That’s the way it is for this the 2nd day of Oct 2007... I'm gone... ECP Tom Evans