El Cap Report 10/01/07

ElCap Report 10/1/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... The ECR is brought you on the still swollen ankle of one, Ammon McNeeley, who showed up this afternoon after a too long absence from the valley. So it is Monday and all you folks jonesin for a hit of Yosemite news have come to the right place. First: Eat your hearts out!!.. Second: too bad you aren't here! All right enough envy jabs... stop drooling please ..you might short out your computer! Today’s ElCap Report... right now...

Zodiac: The Andy and Karen show are off the ground and I did see Andy at the top of 4 when I left at 4pm... Karen and the girls were below doing the hard work of moving the parade up higher with some mighty hauling by the ladies. I am sure the two Australian girls are a big help and they are most likely learning a bunch too...


Iron Hawk: The two Koreans who just finished the route came by on their way to Zion and I gave them the cd of their climb. I knew the leader from past climbs on EC and he reported that he was unaware of the MANDATORY RUNOUT FREE CLIMBING HIGH ON THE ROUTE!! I laughed! Anyway they liked the route but liked the Shield better last year.


NA Wall: A large party is starting out on this route.


Mescalito: Man you should have seen Mutt (the tall one) lead the Molar traverse today... she kicked serious butt and did the lead in a little over an hour, which is really a good time for anyone. She was a little too high on the pendulum but stuck it anyway! Then she back-cleaned for a mile to ease the rope complications for her shorter partner. She put on a clinic!! When I left Jeff had done the pitch above and things were on the move upward.. these gals are rollin!!! There is a bag at the start of the first that most likely belongs to a mixed team going up in that area soon I hear.


The Nose: The two Croatian girls from yesterday just missed out on shots of the KS as I had to leave at 4pm no matter what and they had not done it yet. They climbed up to there in good form. They won't make camp 4 tonight but wisely have a ledge so can do as they please... nice stuff girls! Lower down there is a party of three guys with luggage in tow.. saw them get to Dolt tower as I was leaving.


Shield: One of the two guys, from the second party on this classic route last week, came by today to see about shots... enjoyed the route he said. Anyone else?


In other news:   I didn't get out west today but the wall was empty from what I saw... EE and Bill on JR are most likely gone by now.

A couple of mixed teams are prepin for Golden Gate and I will keep you posted as things develop...

Another big team is going on the PO in the next couple of days too... A solo is going to get on WEML to Mescalito soon... Another solo is going on 3D....Ammon and KFC (Kentucky's Fastest Climber) are heading to the upper east side of the stone for a quickie tomorrow and the next day....So although EC is kind of empty at the moment the action is about to jump to light speed soon.

The weather here started out very cool and cloudy this morning but by afternoon the sun was in control and the temps nice. The Bridge was quiet today with a few visitors, including one Crimpergirl who hung a few minutes to see what was up. Very nice young woman she is. Later a ton of the local heroes came by to see Ammon and catch up on plans for the next few days. Conrad Anker is supposed to be in tomorrow for something on EC. Well, that is a sample of the local gossip that I have permission to write about... the unmentionable stuff is pretty interesting too... but ..... sorry.... not for your consumption. Ottawa Doug... saw PTPP as I pulled into my bivy room. Also, I don't have contact with Mutt and Jeff but can tell you they are doing great. Also... Men... take note... at this moment on EC there are more Women’s parties than men’s...yes it is true!! EC is becoming a woman’s playground!!

So that’s the way it is for this the first day of October 2007.. if your Monday was 1/10 of what mine was then that would have given you a great day!! Signing off... The Big Bridge Rat... ECP's Tom Evans