El Cap Report 09/23/087

ElCap Report 9/23/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... Well the weekend is over and the skies are clearing, no rain today, and the action is heating up on the big stone. So tie yourself in, pop a tab, and settle in for today’s ElCap report brought to you straight from the mighty ElCap bridge through the eyes of a Belgian woman (and yes she is a beauty!)hanging at the scopes today watching her boyfriend slepping up the stovelegs all afternoon. So here it is the ElCap report for today....

Zodiac: An Austrian team of two guys (from near the Huber’s home)were last seen on the third pitch of this great route this afternoon getting the job done albeit at the pace of those learning the techniques.. they are organized and will gain much from this classic beauty.
Trip: The two guys who fixed a couple of days ago climbed over the roof and did the 5th pitch in good style and were seen heading toward the ledge at the top of 7 as I departed this evening late. Another team was seen fixing around the 2nd pitch late in the day.
El Nino: This Australian team, of Lee and Lawrence, were climbing toward the Igloo late in the day and should be off late in the day or perhaps early in the morning.. those guys looked pretty good this late in the climb.
Mescalito: The all woman’s team of Mutt and Jeff were up on the route fixing some after hiking stuff up to the base earlier today....
DNR: Talked to Dave this afternoon as he was busting up the WEML after a night on Wino tower.. he pulled off a long back cleaning pendulum by just jumping off a ledge and running hard... looked pretty cool!! When I left he was heading toward the Harding Roof high on the route. His Mom was expected to show up today with CC cookies but had not arrived when I left around 5pm... the lad could be off tomorrow.
Ivo Direct: Saw Ivo climb over the Harding roof this morning and then on to the ledge at the junction of WEML and Reticent and was hauling the bags when I left this afternoon. He could push for the top today but I think he might just bivy as it is a great spot at a spectacular position on the wall... Still Raging up there!!!
Nose: A Belgin team was first to break out of the snarrling pack of aspiring Nosers and lead the way into the stovelegs using advanced techniques called "Direct Aid". They were pushing toward Dolt tower as I left and I hear are planning on a 4 day tour for the first trip up the Cap.. good luck guys. The masses have assembled below sickle ledge fighting for space at the anchors. Who will be next to make a break for the stovelegs? Well I know!!! It will be Thomas and Alex heading up for some training in the morning.
Salathe: A couple of teams have walked by with gear and provisions for this old classic but I have not spied them yet and assume they are hauling up the heart slab.. I will try to get on the ball and head over that way tomorrow afternoon to get a full picture.
In other news.. Nicer weather today with some clouds and sunshine casting interesting shadows on the great wall throughout the day. A little warmer and a forecast that looks good for the foreseeable future.. You had better get moving if you are coming here this week. The Clean up is drawing people from all over the place and camp 4 is filling rapidly. It should be an interesting week with great programs delivered by some of the top climbers on the Planet. Robins and Frost are starting off with a program about the first ascent of the WF of Sentinel Rock and the list goes on... Lots of regulars and visitors alike came by the bridge for some high quality hanging out... Big wall Kate flashed by and Leo Burke did some ElCap watching with his scope. Timmy O came by with his Mom, a real sweetheart, and is also giving one of his terrific programs this weekend. Always nice to have him back here. Andy Kirkpatrick and friends were down for a while today thinking of doing something left of the NA. KFC hung out with Lance and Ted and Kia was on the radio with D.Turner this afternoon. Gerhart, from Germany, drove past today with a fine lady riding shot-gun... Winky came by on the way on his way to check on the progress of Jean and TC (Lori) prepping Mescalito. Lesha was around after helping the women take a few things up to the wall.. Alex and Thomas had the day off and hung here late in the day. Another womans team is getting ready for the shield... Little Biscut is getting ready for another wall with SAR Andy and they could get going any day now... So the news is good here... lots of good folks around and more coming in to give the big stone a shot... and all the clean up events and folks will make this a good week to be here... I did have a good time giving the AAC show last night at the lodge and the cliff room was packed to overflowing..thanks to all who attended!! So thats the way it is on this 23rd day of Sept. 2007 come on by and enjoy the valley scene... remember, for a lot of you these will be the "good old days" you look back on with great fondness in the coming years, so take in all you can and live life to your best.
Signing off... Tom (Ansel) Evans