El Cap Report 09/21/07

ElCap Report 9/21/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... Straight from the top of the nose in Alex and Thomas's day pack comes the report for today... A sweet day at the bridge and you weren't here... what is the matter with you???? Today’s ElCap Report just for you.
Trip: Saw a team climb the first 2 pitches of this route today.. who are they?
El Nino: The Australians climbed up into the black dihedral this afternoon hauling bags as they went... they should be in a good position for the supposed coming storm tonight and tomorrow right under the roof pitch.
DNR: KFC and I talked to Dave this afternoon and he has decided to finish up on EWML which is casual for him. He made Wino tower today and hauled his bags with 120meters of static line this afternoon and fixed a pitch above the tower. He was quite comfortable and confident and is well set if the storm indeed comes in...got some nice shots of him climbing the rivet ladders to the tower... Nice orange shirt Dave!!

Ivo Direct: Ivo climbed two pitches today in fine style and is now below the Harding (aka Dawn) roof at the lower roof well situated for the possible bad weather... off in two days perhaps if able to climb tomorrow... he controls his vast empire with one of those new fangled cell phones what does everything but have sex with the owner!!
Nose: Had some breakfast with Alex and Thomas Huber who later left and climbed the nose in a little over 5 hours with a pack too... they were working out various sections for a coming speed attempt which will probably be later rather than sooner. Didn't see anyone over on the west side but didn't go down there either.
In other news... Nice day here with a few scattered clouds and mostly clear, sunny skies... weather has been promising to get nasty but thus far has been a cake walk.. I hung at the bridge most of the day and had some good times photographing the above mentioned parties. KFC was hanging for quite a while and provided Cobras and chips for the crew. Anna came by and hung out quite a while as did Metolius John who is getting set for a solo of the Prow. Leo Burke and friends came by early on the way to Reed's direct, and Winky, Kentucky Jean, TC made a drive by later in the afternoon and headed off to the Tree. DP's VW was seen parked near the bridge and he made a dash for "The Tree" and was gone in a flash. Huber brothers stopped for a beer or two after their climb of the Nose and looked really fresh. Henry, back from fixing on the LT, and then D.Griff also were there as the day closed out... various other climbers drifted through at different times of the day including Nate and partner from the old Days when the train wreck was but a dream in some NPS planners eye. It was a sweet day of good conversation and ElCap watching with a fair amount of Tourons asking all the old questions and staring in amazement at the climbers on the great wall. The light was really nice all day and the photography quite fun. Everyone seems to know that storms are possible and are will prepared. I see no problems coming from this one. Be sure to read Logan's, aka Chuck Pratt, Half Dome report on Super Topo. So that's the way it is from the Glory Hole on this 21 Sept. 2007 ...
signing off your man with the scan... the eye in the sky.. old but not about to die... Ansel aka. Tom Evans