El Cap Report 05/16/07

El Cap Report 5/16/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... another nice day in the valley. Today’s ElCap Report.

Nose.... 4 parties below ElCap tower and one above.

Space.. Eric and Mo did the big traverse today about half way up.

Salathe/free rider/golden gate.... Stanley and the Euro woman got out of the alcove and onto GG today doing a couple of pitches. A party of three just cruised into ElCap spire with nice red bags for the photos. The free rider workers are on and off the face at the top daily.

Muir;... Rob and Justin have ropes fixed but are not on the upper part at the present time.. weekend warriors for a while.

NA Wall...fast team of three climbed above the Cyclops eye and will be off tomorrow.

Lost in America (LA from now on)... Kate and Handsome Mike were hauling to the top of two when I left this afternoon around 5pm and are on the route.

Virginia/trip... Aaron, Matt and Dave Turner have teamed up to do a push at dawn tomorrow, they will suffer, assuming of course they can find the route after partying tonight!!!

NA... I hear an all female team is about to start trudging gear to the base to blast in a couple days...

The rest of the wall is wide open and waiting for big wall climbers!!!

Until tomorrow.... Ansel Evans