El Cap Report 05/15/07

ElCap Report 5/15/07

 By Tom Evans

This report is an idea I had that resulted from so many people asking me "What is going on ElCap these days?"  I figure that with the internet and such a lot of people would like to know too.  So I am going to try to write some of what I see ... I will post these reports on SuperTopo and we will see what comes of it....

Ok... the Cap is pretty empty in great weather..


Nose... one party on El Cap tower another fixed to sickle and that’s it.


Salathe/Freerider... ropes everywhere and no one doing anything but bailing.


Muir... Rob Miller is working the top but will not interfere with anyone wanting to get on the route.


Lost in America: Kate and Handsome Mike are blasting tomorrow morning.


Zodiac... Aaron and Matt blasting in the tomorrow to do it in a push.


Space. Eric and Mo are about half way up with days to go.. The rest of the cap from Dihedral eastward is EMPTY.. come on down and give me something to shoot at!! Until tomorrow...


Tom, signing off.