El Cap Report 05/14/09

ElCap Report 5/14/09

 By Tom Evans

Yo.. Well here we are at last… your man is finally here on the scene! Nice, warm day here in the Valley. Must have been pretty hot up on the Cap today! The usual routes were getting the action today with most of it on the Nose as you could have guessed. So Cubicle Pukes, put down any “real” work you are doing and act busy but by all means come along with me to the fabled El Capitan, where the bailers bailed and the senders sent. Today’s ElCap Report is here right now.

Tangerine Trip: I did see two guys high on the route today working their way up the bolt ladders.

They seem to have figured out how to use the big stick.


Tribal Rite: I caught sight of these two in the afternoon and almost missed them completely as they are pretty high up and may be getting off tomorrow.


Nose: As can be expected there were a slug of parties on this route. I saw two parties above Camp 6 staying pretty close to each other… might be off by now.


Lower down there were two more parties sort of playing butt tag through the Grey Bands this afternoon and the upper one had finished the Great Roof as I departed. [IMG]http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll27/elcap-pics/Nose001-C.jpg[/IMG]

Lower down from them… two more guys climbed off Dolt tower and were soon seen heading to the Boot


Stovelegs were packed for a while until two of the three parties, the two with only day packs, bailed in good order in the later afternoon.

Salathe: I did see three teams, two just above ECSpire heading to the Block and one higher going over the Roof and headwall later in the day.

Lurking Fear: Saw two parties on this route. The higher was a conventional ascent with bags etc and the lower, soon enough to be the higher, appeared to be KFC and partner on a push. They were heading past the high traverse around 3 pm.

 In other news: The roads are still screwed up and the bridge is out of reach for the time being. SAR had an all day practice with choppers and all in the EC meadow and the noise was pretty loud. Looked like the folks got in some very good training. The café was kind of dead this morning to blend in with my exhaustion from a 7 hour drive at night from my home to the Valley. Pretty tired now and have other obligations too… so this will have to be it for today.

So take care and I will see what I can do for tomorrow.

Later Ansel

Bitchin, just bitchin

This is great Tom, see you in less than 2 weeks! Brian S.


It's a pretty cool thing to hear people planning their trips,
then to come here and see photo's of them up there doing it.

Great stuff as usual Tom!

Cool angle on the 'top out' photo for the Tribal Rite guys!

I'm not really stuck in a cubicle, but since I am at home and reading this report, that does make me the proverbial cubicle puke. That's fine with me as long as the ElCap Report is here to get me through the day. Keep on delivering with the killer pics and stories.



Fresh Air!!

Killer pix as usual Tom.
Thanks for taking us back!

Thanks Tom!

I'm glad you have returned!

Welcome Back Tom!!

You have been missed, Tom!!

My daughter loves the poster

Tom, great report, the moon and el-cap poster is on the wall with her prayer flags over he bed, great quality! Good to see more stuff from the valley.

Yay, the report is back!

As always awesome pics and story. I'll see ya in the fall. Hello to the 'queen of the bridge' and also to British Chris. Thanks again for helping to carry my stuff down the east ledges last year. Tom, nice pic of the guys on the rurp pitch.



Glad to see you back!

It's good to see you back Tom! Awesome start to the season!

long live el cap report

Good to see you back in action Tom!!


Welcome back, Tom! Can't

Welcome back, Tom! Can't wait to see you very soon. The pics make me want to climb!!!!!!



Excellent web site to go with an excellent cap report!


glad your back and love the new website.
regrettably i'm not gonna be in the valley for spring this year (another trip taking up all my money), maybe autumn... so I will have to live vicariously through your excellent reports. thanks for keeping us all on the edge of our seats

keep it up!

Chris (of british chris and oli)


Yo Tom,

Glad to see you back. Thanks for the fix.

aka Prod.

Thanks for the report Tom.

Thanks for the report Tom.


Finally, after a long wait, he's back!!!!!

Best thing on the Internet!

Your El Cap Reports and e-mail are the only two reasons I'd pay for Internet. Absolutely fantastic!

Thank you much!

Good to read your report

Glad you made to Yosemite safe and sound.....get some rest so we can all enjoy these great reports!! The web site rocks, it's awesome! Looks great and easy to read.
Made it to Alaska. It's 10pm, the sun is shining and it's gorgeous and warm. Off to Denali tomorrow.
Regards to the posse.

Queen of the Bridge


Yeaaaah buddy your back!!!

See you this summer!

Stay real ....good luck to the guys on TT

All is right with the world now.

Great to read your report again Tom.
Hope things are good with you.
Thanks for the report.

Very cool.

Hi Tom! Nice site....


Thank God your back! Tom... Thanks keep it coming! See you in a couple of weeks