El Cap Report 05/13/08

Yo... very nice day here. Quiet and sunny and warm. The road paving keeps moving relentlessly onward. I was a little late getting down to the bridge this morning but got the straight dope for your inquiring minds. Brought to you on Nicki's aching back from hauling loads all around the place. Tie in and pay attention as I'm not going to go thru this twice!
Today’s report... right now... in your face... hopefully you can read...

Zodiac: The team of two that was bivied on peanut last night went over the top at 1:30 this afternoon.
The team of three in the white circle yesterday bailed from there today.
Steve and Heather were not around today.

ElNino: Martina climbed across the traverse from Big Sur to the black dihedral this afternoon and was lost in the shadows as I departed.

Mescalito: The two Euros were moving right along as they have done all along this route... they are a couple above the Bismark's top and moving up fast.

Nose: Three teams of two were above ECT this afternoon. The highest is a couple of guys who are keeping ahead of Nanook and Chuck who were finishing the great roof when I left at 2:45. The team below them spent forever on the King Swing and lost a lot of ground to the guys above. Down below in the stove legs a team of sharp dress aid climbers were making good progress and will Ezly reach Dolt tower later in the day. Dave Turner was up by the base and reported a mess of parties below the stovelegs.. get in line folks!

Shield: The Shield team climbed off the top today after what looked to be a good ascent in cold morning conditions.

Magic Mushroom: Justin and Tommy appeared as predicted and worked the long pitch above the tan band a bit higher than the shield roof. They were lounging on the portaledge when I left.

Salathe: Saw a team go to Sous le toit this afternoon and another one climbing toward the block..

In other news, Chuck who is presently with Nanook on the Nose, returned from his trip to the Kumbu region and reported that the Mt. Everest commercial guides association has modified its long standing policy of "It's every man for himself up there!" Perhaps to quell the storm of criticism over leaving clients to die if they have difficulty. In an effort to polish their tarnished image they have announced that they will "make every effort humanly possible to recover the wallet and credit cards of any stricken climber". So when you die you will die with the satisfaction of knowing that your bill will be paid in full plus of course a 50% surtax for the recovery effort!
The bridge was very quiet today save for a few hoods in the woods groups that passed by on their way to their next mugging.
Fortunately for me, unfortunately for you... I will be gone for a few days and thus the report will cease until my return. Those of you wearing bright shirts and starting your climb in the next few days are SOL. Go with it and have some fun. Perhaps some of the cafe rats will fill in with news from the big stone while I am away...
So that's the was it is on this the 13th day of May 2008. Take care my faithful readers... I will too...
Later Tom Evans